The Song Sung Round The World, Save Our World

“I make music from my soul and hope it will bring hope, joy and mindfulness to my dear fans. I love working with people around the world, and hope to continue for a long time. “ SI Shumon Recent Press Channel 52 Interview of lead artist SI Shumon The Daily Star : Save Our World […]

Health: Covid and Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura Petachie (or How Dawn Discovered an increasingly dotted body….)

Has there been an established cause and effect relationship between Coronavirus Patients and Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura? This information is shared for information only. It should not be used to replaced medical diagnosis. It is shared to help discuss with your doctors in more specific detail some of the possible symptoms and issues surrounding Covid. Conditions […]

Health: How to begin a Healthy Plant Based Diet

My Story: Left Ventricle Hypertropy was the diagnosis of the problem that meant my heart was damaged. It all started with a series of hypertensive crisis events, increasing in intensity. The last leaving me with the feeling I was having a heart attack. Shooting sharp chest pain started the 911 incident that lead me to […]

Health: Home Health with a Coronavirus Positive Family Member

Here are some things you can do to manage a healthy Covid-19 Home Environment for Recovery 12 Tips for Family Members Health Take an online assessment and find out if you qualify for at-home COVID-19 test. Free shipping. Results within 24 hours of lab receiving test. $119 retail or Free with qualifying Assessment Stay Home […]

Health: Learning how to manage Covid Induced Diabetes

What is Diabetes: Diabetes mellitus is a group of diseases impacting how your body processes blood sugar (glucose). Glucose is an important source of energy used by your bodies cells, muscles and tissues as well as your brain’s primary source of power/fuel. Coronavirus has been linked to creating blood clots, and diabetes, which in turn […]

Health: Coronavirus Family Risk Planning in the Event of a Positive Covid Diagnosis

So many symptoms, seem critical but darn it, WHY dont they make sense? I did not want to go to the Emergency room in this first place. I have no job, no income, and honestly cant afford any more setbacks until I am gainfully employed. I called my favorite family doctor, and as she was […]

Health: Coronavirus Personal Health, Family Home, and Public Safety Prevention

I never expected to receive the diagnosis of Coronavirus positive. I knew that with my recent heart event, I was at higher risk for serious illness from coronavirus. I honestly never expected to have a positive diagnosis. Sharing what I have learned as a result of that diagnosis to help others to be preventative with […]

Health: My PCOS Journey to Child bearing years. Birth, Miscarriage Birth, Miscarriage

My Child Raising Years When beginning our family I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) a hormal imbalance that affects about 6-15% of women. The result of the disorder makes it ifficult to conceive, and PCOS is the most common cause of infertility. Kyle was my first baby, and it took a lot to conceive him. […]