Adaptive Online Retailing Conversion: Enabling Small Business Retailers for Optimal Profit

The growth trajectory continues, the heat is own for retailers as calendar edges nearer to Black Friday Sales with primary and epic online sales experience expected online. Small and Medium size business owners are innovating in adaptive accelerated retail revenue. Time is of the essence, and the money will be spent somewhere, a greater percentage […]

EVENT: Global Customer Experience Oriented Website Design Best Practices: Behind the Scenes of a High Profile Author or Website Launch

Date/Time: Saturday Aug 29, 2020 1pm – 2:30pm (PDT) California, Oregon, Washington (Check your Location Date and Time) Saturday Aug 29, 2020 3pm – 4:30pm (CDT) Illinois Saturday Aug 29, 2020 4pm – 5:30pm (EDT) New York ,New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts, Florida Saturday Aug 29, 2020 9pm – 10:30pm London Saturday Aug 29, 2020 10pm […]

Success Profile: Iqbal Mahmud, Full Stack Developer- eCommerce Web, Mobile Apps & Artisan Design

Uncommon Talent with Powerful Design to Deliver Development CTO, Iqbal Mahmud The CTO It is my pleasure the power behind So Innovate LLC’s innovation. Iqbal Mahmud. So Innovate is a Silicon Valley Based B2B Web Services, Mobile Application and Service Now Portal solution. Providing Business Networks, Services. and IT Consultancy. His robust technical knowledge of […]

Website Design Trends in 2020, and Why Evolution Matters

Covid-19 has brought 70% more people to the internet and a most are expecting a better mobile experience. Companies with the best user experience and responsive user interface wins. Entrepreneur Magazine wrote an article titled “Bad Website Design isn’t just annoying- it costs you“ Website visitors decide in >50 milliseconds (1/20th of a second) to stay or […]

Why Get a Website Now?

Now is the perfect time!!! Internet use is epic. Demand for services and information is in record proportion Now more than ever, people than ever are going on line to connect, shop, stream movies or music, and learn. It creates distinction, connects in crisis providing expertise, idea, business, online class or cause, now is the […]