Dr GK Pillai, Author Website

One of So Innovate LLC’s favorite recent website solutions was the design of a website for a fascinating author, Dr GK Pillai. The Proceeds of his books are a living benefit of assistance for humanitarian causes he helps. Here are a few of his most popular books available now for purchase on Amazon. For example […]

HEALTH: This child should not have died. Hospitals and parents, please prepare to advocate care for these Life Threatening Covid Symptoms

I dedicate this to a young prince I never knew, whose parents suffer from his loss. My God bless and keep them in his loving care as they come to terms with this profound loss. Dawn Christine Simmons, Coronavirus Survivor June 4, 2020. Honoring a Young Prince who became and Angel September 6, 2020 Covid?? […]

Crisis Help Resource & Communities offering central resources: More Volunteers Welcome

3 of our crisis community services would welcome volunteers due to incredible demand for information, resources and solutions to help our neighbors and community members in Crisis. By organizing our best resources for your community and our world, we can save friends, family, neighbors and our world. COMMUNITIES: Global Covid-19 Employment Global Jobs n Career […]

Personal Website for Professional Advantage

What is a Personal Website? A personal resume website is a digital presentation, and extension of the traditional paper resume. Summary brief bio of with links to social media profiles, and contact information this website serves as an extension of your personal professional brand and done well, is a great way to make a memorable […]

Health: How to begin a Healthy Plant Based Diet

My Story: Left Ventricle Hypertropy was the diagnosis of the problem that meant my heart was damaged. It all started with a series of hypertensive crisis events, increasing in intensity. The last leaving me with the feeling I was having a heart attack. Shooting sharp chest pain started the 911 incident that lead me to […]