Health: Home Health with a Coronavirus Positive Family Member

Here are some things you can do to manage a healthy Covid-19 Home Environment for Recovery 12 Tips for Family Members Health Take an online assessment and find out if you qualify for at-home COVID-19 test. Free shipping. Results within 24 hours of lab receiving test. $119 retail or Free with qualifying Assessment Stay Home […]

Health: Coronavirus Family Risk Planning in the Event of a Positive Covid Diagnosis

So many symptoms, seem critical but darn it, WHY dont they make sense? I did not want to go to the Emergency room in this first place. I have no job, no income, and honestly cant afford any more setbacks until I am gainfully employed. I called my favorite family doctor, and as she was […]

Health: Coronavirus Personal Health, Family Home, and Public Safety Prevention

I never expected to receive the diagnosis of Coronavirus positive. I knew that with my recent heart event, I was at higher risk for serious illness from coronavirus. I honestly never expected to have a positive diagnosis. Sharing what I have learned as a result of that diagnosis to help others to be preventative with […]