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Dave Wright is the Chief Innovation Officer at ServiceNow, and what a great time

December 3, 2020: ServiceNow: Silicon Valley, California. What an exciting acquisition for ServiceNow to acquire #AI pioneer Element AI ! Here is why we are excited.

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic accelerated adoption of leading tech trends of AI and Machine learning as industry worldwide faced challenges with resource issues, essential services retail, healthcare and pharmaceutical business workflow enablement.

Forbes wrote a great article on how COVID-19 ushered in a New Future of Work. ServiceNow has had a leading role in helping business of all sizes with advanced COVID Business Management Workflows. ServiceNow is industry’s leading digital workflow company and played a leading role in helping business and government entities. Access was free and for these 4 COVID-19 Emergency Response applications.

Forbes wrote a great article on how COVID-19 ushered in a New Future of Work. ServiceNow powered Element AI, will fuel a new and industry needed new global AI Innovation Hub to extend ServiceNow serious business value for its customers and partners to further accelerate innovation and digitalization of business workflows.

News of ServiceNow acquisition of the Montreal based startup that was funded by Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel and Tencent makes Element AI a highly compelling offering from the machine learning pioneers Yoshua Bengio.

Business Process Automation is a critical business requirement, even more so after COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Demand for intelligence, process and support to deal with the essential work during the pandemic, keeping the lights on, hospitals running, and research and development underway removed the roadblocks, and open the flood gates for Artificial Intelligence Scalability NOW!. Artificial intelligence and machine learning has had some serious value to the COVID-19 Pandemic Survival:

  • Leveraged Artificial Intelligence Analytics to accelerate Coronavirus quick drug discovery
  • Enabled chatbots, to help overloaded demand for Government, Essential Business and Healthcare Service and Support.
  • Quantum computing big data analysis of customer purchase behavior trends, helped digital supply chain enablement to essential pandemic supporting industries

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