Best Practices for COEI (Center of Excellence and Innovation)

Enterprises create a ServiceNow Center of Excellence and Innovation (CoEI) to drive vision, digital transformation, and optimize workflows. A well working CEOI (Center of Excellence and Innovation) has been proven to deliver business value and improve Enterprise scale, velocity, and risk management. Enterprises who invest in a COEI typically do so to recognize the following capabilities:
  • Identify improvement opportunities to create business value
  • Focus on innovation and improve customer and user experience
  • Establish strategic roadmaps and maintains plans that move the dial towards innovation
  • Engage clear roles and responsibilities to recognize new organizational capabilities
  • Enable data based decision-making and streamlined process/platform approaches
What exactly is a Center of Excellence and Innovation?
It is a strategically focused organizational model aimed at optimal focused value realization and seamless progress. Enterprises structure investments into developing a Center of Excellence an Innovation to:
  • Improve velocity by removing barriers and consolidating teams for strategic delivery, support and innovation
  • Improving strategic value recognition by promoting workflows and seamless organizational focus
  • Helping business to partner and create innovation opportunities through an effective best practices centric workflow.
How to structure a ServiceNow Center of Excellence an Innovation Model ?
  1. Foundations: Define Structure and Set the Strategy for Value Realization
    • Assess Value proposition
    • Structure Roadmap to Success Strategy
    • Value Management
    • Budget and Resource Structure
  2. Define Engagement and Delivery Model: Focus Business Engagement on On Time and On Budget Delivery Commitments
    • Workflow Design the rollout of pace, scale and value
    • Demand Management
    • Training and Organizational Change Management Communications
  3. Define your Resourcing Model to Energize Platform Performance Architecture and best practices support
    • Set Instance Success Strategy
    • Establish Deployment plan
    • Define Technical Standards
    • Determine support and knowledge requirements
    • Define your COEI as a central resource for across business lines Service Management Solutions
  4. Establish COEI Operational Structure to Encourage Innovation Adoption and Opportunity Identification
    • Continuous development improvement, and opportunity spotting
    • Best Practices centric experience, design and standards
    • Evolve key deliverables that improve capabilities and extend measures of success
Resources for Establishing a Center of Excellence and Innovation
Have your set up a Center of Excellence and Innovation? How is it working?
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