Business Process Management & Workflow Documentation

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline used to discover, model, analyze, measure, visualize, improve, optimize, communicate and automate business processes. Business Process Management exists to improve business process through analysis and modeling how a business process currently works, (is or curent state) and how it would work in a changed state or different scenarios (should state or to be state), executing improvements, monitoring the improved process and continually optimizing it.

Attributes of Business Process Management:

  • Holistic enterprise management
  • Performance driven Business value based.
  • Traceable decisions to stakeholder requirements.
  • Lines of business process segmentation and handoff workflow
  • Process us iterative, specific, meaninful, time-boxed approach

Business Process & Workflow Diagramming

Some common workflow process templates created in Visio might include:

Included below are some basic visio diagrams

Business Process Swimlane

Business Process Management Notation

See the source image

Workflow and Business Process Diagram Examples:

ITIL Service Introduction High Level Process Workflow

Simple High Level Process Workflow

Current/Future State Workflow

Enterprise Change Management Process Workflow

Enterprise Change Advisory Board/Change Control Board Workflow


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