Call Center and Business Communications Services

Customer service outsourcing redefines the way companies look at their loss of revenue, and customer interactions identify ways to resolve customer issues and increase customer loyalty.

Customer service outsourcing has been around for 25 years. U.S. companies typically outsource customer service or back-office functions to save money. So Innovate LLC clients save 40-70% can reduce costs without compromise to customer experience who partner with your organization when compared to U.S. Call Centers, providing these same services in-house from the USA.

Why So Innovate Solutions?

Today, BPO outsourcing has evolved beyond just a cost savings strategy. What is BPO? So Innovate LLC has redefined what it means to be a BPO contact center to include:

Access to a team of agents providing services on superior cloud-based technology platforms that accelerate business processes

Offer specialized skill sets not easily available to companies due to geographic location, available talent, or the high cost of the specialized skills

Call center analytics reporting that provide actionable insights into customer interactions

Building entire teams exclusively dedicated to providing knowledge-based processes that improve the quality and efficiency of the process.

Growing beyond Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

So Innovate LLC information process outsourcing service provides for high-level tasks that call for a service oriented subject matter expert who can communicate key business knowledge, apply on demand root cause and problem resolution capabilities and partner with your business to deliver a quality customer experience, with our expert call center agents. Outsourcing capabilities have advanced from just saving clients’ money to retaining specialized skills that deliver quality customer service experience and results beyond a company’s current capabilities through our teams of customer experience agents.

So Innovate LLC can build and provide a valuable knowledge base that can be used to develop or improve client programs, operations, and staff functions such as marketing, legal, and accounting. Our Learning Management System or LMS is an in-house application platform that provides our agents with real-time live feedback and a dashboard for clients to see, in near real-time, output and quality of performance.