Crisis Help Resource & Communities offering central resources: More Volunteers Welcome

3 of our crisis community services would welcome volunteers due to incredible demand for information, resources and solutions to help our neighbors and community members in Crisis. By organizing our best resources for your community and our world, we can save friends, family, neighbors and our world.

COMMUNITIES: Global Covid-19 Employment Global Jobs n Career Network (LI) Global Health and Wellness Community Center of Excellence Local USA CA Wildfire Crisis

A-Z GUIDECovid Employment A-Z Guide Global Jobs N Careers (FB) Health and Wellness Center of Excellence A-Z Guide California WildFire A-Z Guide

What types of partners and volunteers are most needed now?
  • Community Builders to help grow strategic membership to help the most people.
  • Partners in Career Services, Health and Human Services, and Crisis Management to provide events, tools, and resources.
  • Special Crisis Needs Case Managers to discover resources for members in crisis
  • Healthcare Subject Matter Experts to help round out our Healthcare Resources and A-Z Guide in areas of greatest need.
  • Jobs and Career Subject Matter Experts to provide Crisis Career Services, and Training.
  • Sponsors for our Crisis Career Outplacement workshops, so that we can offer services free to our covid unemployment crisis community.

Who is So Innovate LLC:

So Innovate LLC is a Silicon Valley firm offering Global Advanced Digital Service Solutions. We have provided solutions for Global Healthcare, Information Technology, Digital Entertainment, Government, Law Enforcement, and International Embassies. We have provided CyberFraud Business Process Management for Silicon Valley Software Leaders.

Behind all meaningful change is people process and Technology. Innovation is the key to meaningful solutions. So Innovate LLC is an IT Services Organization that most recently has provided:

  • Business Transformation enabling Business Process Solutions in Heathcare, Managed Service Improvement,
  • Covid-19 Crisis Service Management Improvement to develop a plan of action for Major Incident Management Implementation, improved Service and Knowledge Management Capture for Crisis lessons learned, and businesses expansion.
  • Service Delivery and Service Management solutions. We can provide goal oriented service implementation, continuous process improvement, or ITIL Process workshops
  • High Profile Community, Business and Web Service Portals, eCommerce Sites.
  • ServiceNow Improvement, Service Implementation, and Business Transformation..
We participate and curate quality best practices Communities and Centers of Excellence

When like minded professionals come together to review and discuss the current challenges, trends and best practices, it expands our understanding around the challenge, the crisis and it is in these partnership that we create. This level of partnership helps us to reach new levels or centers of excellence around:

  • Exploring a myriad of approaches from experience, and selecting the best approach for a given challenge
  • Capturing new information to transform new ideas, into a short and long term success strategy
  • Community review on big crisis challenges, in discussion, debate, and agreement, allows the diversity of the community to evolve the range of options and thinking.
Why does So Innovate Solutions offer community services for Crisis Relief:

Tough times never last, but quality partnerships do! People are at the heart of all meaningful business. During times of crisis, partnership, transparency and collaboration creates opportunity, recovery and rebuilding. We partner with the worlds best change, opportunity and crisis leaders to create centers of excellence around problem solving and case management . Our approach looks at the big picture impacts, the business impacts and the individual stakeholder impacts.

After 20 years in the IT industry, and several world crisis that impacted our clients, customers, and in some cases our staff. We continuously realized the value of dedicating ourselves to using our experience to help others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with how to implement the people process and technology they need to succeed. Ask us about:

  1. Quality Web, Mobile and Application Developed Tools
  2. Modern Business Service Optimization.
  3. Service Management frameworks
  4. Organizational Change Management
  5. Service Delivery Tools and Process Enhancements
  6. Innovation Strategy Integration
  7. Service Management Optimization
  8. Service Innovation Change Events
  9. Career Services – Career Advancement Training , Crisis Career Resource Curriculum, Resume and Cover Letter services with rapid turnaround to show you best in competitive markets. Customized Career Portal Solutions to show case your skills.



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