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Highly regulated industry demands controlled process. The upsurge of risk from security issues mandates more frequent updates. The COVID Pandemic created new challenges particularly for financial services, healthcare companies and other highly regulated industries. Already they are working on new issues from the COVID pandemic, and now they are also balancing the upsurge of security risk, and their day to day business. ServiceNow is the leading platform for IT Service, Operations Management, and enterprise business workflows including Information Security, Vendor Management, Customer Service, HR. Businesses run on the platform, benefitting from ServiceNow’s cutting edge of development expertise at continuously improving business value for standardized out-of-the-box practices. With releases coming once or twice a year, however, it is a rigorous proposition for businesses to keep testing to keep pace and take advantage of ServiceNow Platform advances. Testing at the times of enterprise internal business process changes and ServiceNow Release upgrades is imperative to validate that ServiceNow processes are still performing as required. ServiceNow platform testing during Enterprise change or ServiceNow new version releases is a business-critical activity. Effective Platform testing across the suite of ServiceNow solutions is a challenging, costly, and resource-intensive commitment. However, it is the only way to ensure the changes being made will support your business dependencies and service delivery management.
What is ServiceNow’s Automated Test Framework (ATF)

ServiceNow offers an Automated Test Framework that runs on your lower level nonproduction test environments that allows you to write a test once and run it over and over when there are changes to a particular process or a ServiceNow Platform upgrade.

ServiceNow ATF handles basic tasks that allow enterprises to build and run and thus automate test performance of certain operations:

A great introduction to ServiceNow’s Automated Test Framework, was created by Chris Fulton, who walks you through how ATF works functionality, that was first available in Istanbul. ATF allows you to create reuseable tests, with screen shots of success or failure errors along the way.  
What is the value proposition for ServiceNow Partner Application, Automate Pro
Many clients engage Automate Pro when their investment in ServiceNow is large, and their need to make rapid development progress and stay current is a critical requirement. When ServiceNow Platform business value depends on quick, structured development to automate test and release customizations, to automate test of new features, releases, and functionality. If ServiceNow already has Automated Test Framework, what is the value for a product like ServiceNow Partner, Automate Pro? ServiceNow releases new versions every 6-12 months. AutomatePro extends automation capabilities using a collaborative development environment that simplifies and accelerates every stage of the ServiceNow Platform delivery life-cycle. An investment in Automate Pro is to accelerate test capabilities, reducing costs, and platform upgrades change risk.
(Automate Pro case study resulted in) An 86% reduction in resource days and an annual $100,000 in savings” Tim Stacey, Arm Holdings Limited
  Automate Pro is way bigger than just ServiceNow, it allows quick start AIs enabling configuration based test that increases ServiceNow Platform agility, to improve quality and automatically produce release notes and fully updated user guides. It can produce and display the results of running a test to consistently run test validations, for defects for correction or success with an immediate user guide for the current release. Automate Pro is both faster and more effective for defect testing and elimination of human error-prone manual testing. As a Midwesterner myself, I was a real fan of Robert, The Duke, Fedoruk, he is a true best practices practitioner of our industry and covers ServiceNow and ITSM so beautifully. In this video he introduces the features Automate Pro CEO, Paul Chorley demonstrating the power of 2 features of Automate Pro for Automated Test and Automated Documentation features of Automate Pro.
Automate Pro Video CHAPTERS
  • 0:00 The Scale of AutomatePro
  • 0:48 The Genesis of AutomatePro
  • 4:53 Demo Time: AutoTest
  • 7:19 AutoTest Themes
  • 9:10 AutoTest Upgrade Report
  • 12:19 Addressing Test Maintenance with AutoTest Model Blocks
  • 14:49 AutoTest Results Report
  • 17:47 AutoDocument Intro
  • 21:03 Upcoming feature: Automated Guided Tours
  • 22:47 The Duke’s Final Thoughts
AutomatePro can save weeks and months of ServiceNow implementation offering feature-rich sets for:
  • Autoplan – 71% of projects failure is due to poor requirements
  • Autodev – Development automation of non productive tasks, for more focus on productive development
  • Autotest– Run thousands of platform test in hours compared to weeks or months.
  • Autodeploy– Continuous Delivery deployment automation
  • Automonitor– Monitoring system performance, bugs, and issues.
  • Autodoc – Documentation, user guides and run books at every upgrade, with the touch of a button.
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