DevOps Pace, Digital Data Driven CMDB

Driving the right standards in CMDB Common Roles and health can accelerate data driven decision making, that helps enterprises recognize the full value from their CMDB. Important task, but challenging to get right. How to track the right approach to get the data in, and keep it fueling Digital Transformation. Only 25% of organizations have mastered DevOps pace with digital ITSM configuration management.
Aligned Development from Strategy Plan to Test. Transition from Release to Operational Measurement. CMDB is the foundation with CIs in a DevOps/Cloud Container approachDelivering Digital Change that is DevOps ITOM topic of a recent ServiceNow TechTalk titled ” Build a rock solid digital foundation (CMDB) with ITOM Visibility -Deep Dive” really nice topic covered by Steve Emerson, ServiceNow’s IT Transformation Service Architect.

CMDB at IT Service Management Forum in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area)

CMDB – Guaranteed! Maintaining a Functional CMDB was an informative Bright Talk presentation by Sherief Farid– ITSM Configuration Management Leader. In this webinar, Sherief walked us through tested effective methods to keep a CMDB Healthy. Configuration Management in addition to:
  • What makes a CMDB functional?
  • Success factors that contribute to the maintenance of a healthy CMDB.
  • How can ITIL v4 help to empower Configuration Managers?

Configuration Management Maturity Model

Forrester reports that the key to realize true digital transformation benefits and information secure, high-quality services,, is to fix the broken elements in Configuration Management. The future of DevOps powered Operational excellence depends on having clear objectives for configuration management and clear measures for how to achieve them. The Forrester Configuration Management Database Maturity Model describes the what characterizes the top 25% Digital Configuration Management Leaders:
5 Data Discovery is unified into a federated model of what is running where, and who owns it. Broad Process Integration with Trusted Reference Data accelerating use and value.
4 Data Discovery is unified into a federated model of what is running where and who owns it. Early Process Integration is taking hold and improving the accuracy and timeliness of Data Quality.
3 Heavy use of Data Discovery, but lack of unification data and ownership makes difficult to track and weaker value due to inaccurate or missing information.
2 Unstructured CMDB Data with lack of roles for management, rules for discovery, leading to limited adoption, data discovery, and use.
1 Configuration Management Data Population, Discovery and use is heavily manual. Most configuration risk management lives almost entirely in human minds, just knowing upstream downstream information.

ServiceNow: 5 Steps to Deploying a Healthy CMDB (ebook)

Many different ideas, how much do you define? Whose job is it to add, change, or maintain CI information anyway? This ebook discusses the elements that comprise a healthy and reliable foundation. With clearly identified objectives you can launch your DevOps aligned Digital Configuration Management Capabilities. This ebook includes the value of starting where you are, and planning strategic initiatives your company already uses, to help stakeholders understand more quickly how CMDB helps, and what to do for your CMDB Health approach: • Aligning IT with the business • Adopting a cloud-first strategy • Enhancing information security • Automation, chatbot, and machine learning • Implementing DevOps, etc.
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