ITSM & Configuration Management Trends

ITSM Trends:

Driving delivery, customer experience and digital transformation, the top ITSM Trends are:

Service Asset Configuration Management Features:

MicroService Design driven CIs by DevOps and Digital Transformation. Great video on the exponential growth of DevOps Microservice Advancements. How Services have changed, and must keep changing to accommodate Microservice advancement without Cluster Sprawl. Steve Taylor explains the challenges of tracking microservices in a CI/CD pipeline and how we need to start re-thinking DevOps. Presented at  DevOps Online Summit 2021 in April. The presentation was Tracking microservices in your CI/CD Pipeline – Steve Taylor

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Who is looking for Work? Who is Hiring ITSM Professionals?

Helping my fellow ITSM Professionals! Where are my ITSM Configuration Management Jobseekers? THis is an awesome opportunity. Join our Professional Jobs n Careers Network to share jobs, find talent, or receive job leads.– this is where recruiters and Job Seekers can meet each other! If I know you, or you are a member or itSMF USA with SACM ServiceNow Experience, let me know and I can submit you directly.

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