I’ve got a brand new cloud container, You’ve got a CMDB.

ServiceNow CMDB Tech Talk

Regardless of where you are in the journey, the ServiceNow Tech Talk has help to prioritize where you are and where you want to go with CMDB. Get the Slides from this video (here ) “From an IT Service Management Oriented point of view, this team lead an amazing approach to CMDB Workshop. Configuration Management Database Workshop- CMDB, Governance, Population, CMDB Journey that was lead by:
The Forbes Technology Council tracks IT Evolution Requirements “redefining Normal” in our Post Covid Era. It was an article written last monty by Sandeep Shilawat that illustrated whats changed in the importance of the role of ITSM in the Cloud, DevOps, SecOps in a container era.
What business solutions does CMDB deliver for an IT organization?
Before COVID Global Pandemic, how much and what to put in a CMDB was a red hot point of discussion. The theory was completely unconstrained in post covid, moving the discussion of when we should consider standardization and “if” container cloud attributes needed a CMDB presence to “how do me manage the service structure, including Cloud containers.
What is the difference between Asset and CI
The primary difference between asset management and configuration management is the relational concept of a CI to the upstream and downstream relationship and impacts. An Asset can be a CI in CMDB, but a CI can not provide enough infomration to guide the decision making a relationship concept requires. An Asset and a CI may be  referencing the same “object”, for completely different  purposes including but not limited to:
  • inventory management– costs/ financials, forecasting, valuation
  • asset management – focuses on the assets lifecycle and financial aspects
  • configuration management – a decision engine.  That allows reference architectura bility to asses impact of change, plan and design services, with intent for a high value and confident control over the production environment.
What is value of IT ServiceNow and Security Operations alignment? /tools like Qualys, Tenable etc. How do you gather requirements from the process owner and create stories?  
Essential elements of a succesful in a CMDB Solution?
  1. One Size does not fit all. Conduct complete discovery to understand current state, challenges, requirements and risks.
  2. Listen & understand IT SACM challenges- people, process, tools/products
    • IT CMDB and Service Asset Configuration Management
      • Data Driven Decisions- whats running where, & who owns it.
      • IT Infrastructure , Network and Security Tools
    • Security Operations People, process, tools requirements:
      • Vulnerability Response
      • Security Incident Response,
      • Threat Intelligence
3. Lead plan for implementation, administration, and configuration of SecOps/ITOM/ITSM application with shared intelligence on best practice to develop and utilize platform knowledge and expertise in:
  • ServiceNow Platform Configuration Best Practices
  • SecOps and ITOM optimization
  • Design of client specific functional requirements
  • Framework for backlog and continual improvement of Common Services Data Model capabilities, expertise, best practices and solutions.

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