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ServiceNow has stepped to the forefront of Covid-19 digital transformation to help businesses manage the demand to accelerate new ways of working with challenges to all business workflow and demand for new workplace innovation. ServiceNow Business Process Consultants have a bridge of understanding for the ServiceNow tool, and standard workflow capabilities. For a particular business workflow, the BPC aim is to understand, where the process starts, who is involved, how are they involved, what are the steps to completion, and where does the process end? One size does not fit all. Not even in reasonably standard business flows there are organizational or enterprise differences. BPC defines the relationships for getting value that touches people, process and technology. Where they are, and where they are going.
  • Customer Workflows
    • Customer Service Management
  • Employee Workflow
    • HR Service Delivery
  • IT
    • Asset Management
    • Business Management
    • Operations Management
    • Service Management
  • Security Operations
    • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Vertical Platform Application Engine Solution Workflows
    • Healthcare
    • Financial Services
    • Education
    • Government
    • Manufacturing
    • Telecommunications

Business Process Consulting Objectives

The Business Process Consulting calls upon awareness of Process and Servicenow Tools, as well as how people perceive and need them to function. It is a process for defining how to create value streams for customer excellence. Conducting Workshops leading discussion and discovery of functional and technical requirements, pain points, and business needs. Outcome evolves Manages business process alignment of people and process to ServiceNow platform. Understands and defines capabilities, business processes, and workflows to illustrate solutions to escalated issues, problem analysis, and provides expert guidance
  • Guides business and system requirements for configuring and troubleshooting the ServiceNow platform, optimizing process, use, features and reporting
  • Prepares test cases to validate planned enhancements of ServiceNow implementations, upgrades and patchin
  • Produces instructional materials, training, job aids, and Knowledge Base Articles to assist with support, use, and management features

BPC Value Statements

Business Process Consulting (BPC) is laser sharp focus on Customer Experience oriented Success measures for key indicators of technology and business process improvement post implementation. Business Process Management provides guidance to the following disciplines:

Success Ladder

Success Ladder
Business Process Consulting meets a team where they are, and defines clearly where we are going, and how we will know we arrived. Driving business value by leveraging meaningful business process and change interventions with strategy, people, and tools technology.
  • DESIGN VISION Alignment: Organize workshops to understand business drivers, culture, and needs
  • MODEL & GOAL Calibration: Develop change management strategies to maximize value and drive adoption.
  • STRATEGY: Define key elements of the core components to articulate what change management success looks like.
  • EXECUTE ACTION: steps to implement continuous improvement and change management that delivers stakeholder engagement, organizational change, assessment, impact analysis.
  • MONITOR SUCCESS: How do we know we delivered- proven value for consulting projects.
  • OPTIMIZE and CONTINUOUSLY seek opportunity to improve based upon new opportunities, requirements and business demands.
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