New Cool ServiceNow Quebec

New & Cool: ServiceNow Quebec

In this edition of ServiceNow New and Cool features, we explore how the ServiceNow Development Community is creating new and incredible solutions that make our world better. We celebrate the new features available in the Quebec Release.


COOL ServiceNow features from Quebec

ServiceNow’s Live Coding Happy Hour is so cool. Lots of great interaction as their development team drinks a cool beverage, and works through Live demos challenges and features of ServiceNow Capabilities. One of the coolest features of Quebec is no doubt the new and completely different UI Builder Adventure.
Andrew Barnes Brad Tilton Maria Gabriela

UI Builder

FEATURES: Improves creation development and workspace pages in ServiceNow. Create your own platform experience. A dramatic UI/UX experience much of a deviation from the prior Platform Builders. More like a traditional power web design experience, with a mesmerizing look and feel (yes, Gabby said it well). TUTORIAL: UI Builder Landing Page Instruction. In the Video above there are video walk throughs. Below is a really cool “video index” to the video above.
Building a Portal using UI Builder
  • 10:38​ Intro to the new UI Builder
  • 13:30​ Open UI Builder.
  • 14:20​ Create an experience.
  • 16:23​ Open the new Experience in UI Builder.
  • 18:15​ Create an editorial calendar page.
  • 19:58​ Anatomy of UI Builder.
  • 24:58​ Look at the Component Library.
  • 25:50​ Add and configure a Simple List component to the editorial calendar page
  • 29:00​ Open the page in runtime to test
  • 29:50​ Event component panel
  • 32:00​ Create another page with a page property
  • 33:14​ Add a component to the page and map the page property to the component. We ran into some issues here when we used the Form component initially when we should have been using the Form – fields component to show the fields section of a form.
  • 39:24​ Add an event handler to the list component on the editorial calendar page so that when a list item is clicked it links to the form page created earlier.
  • 42:24​ Use a data resource
  • 43:30​ Create a GraphQL Data Broker. This is where you’ll use a GraphQL query that will then be able to consumed by a page.
  • 46:58​ Consume the GraphQL Data Broker as a Data Resource and pull it into the component.

SC Variables

FEATURES: Hidden and Read Only Options. New Selection Required checkbox. REFERENCE: Service Catalog Variables

Catalog Data Look up

FEATURE: Get fields to change based upon other fields. REFERENCE: Service Catalog Data Lookup

Process Optimization

BENEFITS: Understand automated business process and help for Key Performance indicators, continuous improvement. REFERENCE: Explore Process Optimization

Workforce Optimization

BENEFITS: Maintain productivity from one application, skills, assignment, and workforce monitoring. Holistic View. REFERENCE: Explore Workforce Optimization ITSM

Business Continuity Management

BENEFITS: Simplifies the approach to determining Business Continuity planning and impacts during a crisis. REFERENCE: Components installed with Business Continuity Management

Instance Scan

BENEFITS: Used to find configuration items with health issues and recommend best practice. These are the different issues we have found within your issues that you should fix.
  • There are 86 checks, can schedule full scan instances.
  • In Suites there are 64 some checks
  • Results then Findings is a list of corrections and discoveries.
  • Dashboard and Table Clean up
REFERENCE: Getting started with Instance Scan


Natural Language Query Builder from Lists
BENEFITS: Guidance on how to make the most of your natural language Query. TIPS to Improve Reports or Queries. *What would you like to find” REFERENCE: Using Natural Language Query
Dashboard Improved Value Formatting
BENEFIT: Improves options for formating dashboard data. Including new set for Abbrevation. REFERENCE: Value formatting in reports

Reading Library for ServiceNow and related Processes

UX Design & Digital Transformation and ServiceNow
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