Power Tool Talk: Developing Apps in ServiceNow Guided App Creator

What it is

The ServiceNow Guided Application Creator was introduced around the time of New York.

Guided Application Creator is an easy way to get started with creating Guided ServiceNow Applications without coding.

The solution allows you to create 3 experiences with the application, Workspace, Mobile App and Class.

  1. Workspace offers a personal approach with automated resolution suggestions based upon machine learning. It helps IT Support Fullifers to solve problems. (Agents)
  2. Mobile makes it easy to report issues, request assistance or approve request. (Employees/Users)
  3. Classic is used through lists and forms. Most use cases will use one or two. (Admins)

How to Use it

To Launch go to My Company Applications and select CREATE AND DEPLOY.

Define General Information

Select and role

Create a Table

Number the Table

Use studio or flow designer to create actions or flows from this developed application.

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