ServiceNow Rome and Upgrade Best Practices – Fast without Furious

I recently completed an AutomatePro project where we automated ITSM and SECOPS processes. Automation is not so difficult to do, and the time spent organizing manual test steps into automated tests improves upgrade paths. Important notion given the frequency of ServiceNow DevOps Cycle Upgrades. Many organizations are looking to best practices to increase their agility and capability to leverage the latest functionality. Happy to share this resource with my network. A free webinar by JIT on how to leverage best practices for easier upgrades.

Thursday, July 29, 2021: 8:00 AM PDT, 10:00 AM CDT, Noon EDT (1 Hour)

Event by JIT

You CAN upgrade to the latest version of ServiceNow, even if you are several versions behind or have customized environmental conditions – it’s all about being prepared for testing.

When in Rome. ServiceNow’s new release is Rome. With the ServiceNow Rome version coming out soon, JIT has organized a best practices webinar to share the best advice and methods to re-establish your ServiceNow Agility and confidence with increasing proficiency in test automation, documentation, and release management. This webinar will share ideas on how to stay current and take advantage of the latest ServiceNow technology for enterprise investment. Please join this informative webinar on how to get to a smooth groove for painless upgrades that take advantage of the latest and best ServiceNow features.
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