Success Profile: Covid-19’s increased Risk to Cyber Security and Promoting Women’s Education: Entrepreneur Rezwana Khan

Rezwana Khan, CEO of Star Computer Systems Ltd, is a Technology Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist & Private Equity Investor, Business Process & Enterprise Solution Advisor. She was interviewed recently by Prothomalo News on a great article about the post Covid-19 impacts on Cyber Security. Rezwana knows this well, as she is a trusted advisor to Government, Business, Banking and Financial industry security recovery. She has lead critical global process changes to secure enterprise security institutions, proactively, and reactively.

One of the best articles written on the story behind TECH LADY ICON REZWANA KHAN was published by Tech Life, written by reporter Abul Hamid. The article paints a very nice picture of Rezwana’s unique abilities as an enterprise Project and HR Development in ICT sectors and IT tech icon from Bangladesh, and serving the world as a business visionary, advisor, and financial specialist.

As Covid-19 business and education shifts from office and campus based learning to online business and distance learning, the need for Cyber Security Professionals has grown. Rezwana warned of the increased Cyber Security risks of Cyber Security fraud, breaches and hacks as cyber criminals hope to capitalize on weak security policy and process due to sudden change in networking access controls.

Rezwana is developing Cyber Security awareness, consulting, and education to promote a powerful front line for maintaining Business Security, preventing Cyber Fraud, and promoting diversity across business units in government and private e-governance, Enterprise, HR, and IT as well as personal privacy protection against hacking and harassment, also becoming more prevalent against women.

Rezwana Khan has developed a strong business commitment for leading IT and Cyber Security Business Solutions. Women are at risk of being in danger due to insufficient security strategies, and lack of proper security awareness. Rezwana has built a reputation as a strong business leadership advisor, and this earned a Fellowship in the Empower Women’s Trust Entrepreneurship and Business from the University of Southern Queensland.

The greatest way empower gender equality, security, and career skills, is through education.

Rezwana has advocated for the importance of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in a Girl’s Innovation Boot Camp attended by 50 women and girls all over Bangladesh, held November 2019. Since Covid-19 Rezwana has extended her capacity for empowering more women, through development of a special curriculum for educating more women to prepare them for careers in IT, Design, cad, programming courses. Cloud and cyber security training will be launched soon.

Rezwana for your success as a global leader in the high tech industry, and for championing the cause of Diversity. we salute and applaud your vision for championing women’s entrepreneurial skill for the present, and future!

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