The Song Sung Round The World, Save Our World

“I make music from my soul and hope it will bring hope, joy and mindfulness to my dear fans. I love working with people around the world, and hope to continue for a long time. “

SI Shumon
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Music therapy significantly reduces emotional distress and boosts quality of life

The Center for Disease Control warns about the risks of stress during Covid-19. Fear and anxiety, can be overwhelming, causing strong emotions in adults and children. Public health actions, such as social distancing, although necessary can trigger strong feeings of isolation and loneliness that increases stress and anxiety. Fear and worry about health, financial situation, family, job, loss of support or services you rely on can actually make you more susceptible to disease, depression and discomfort.


Immediate help in a crisis

For those experiencing  increased stress during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. If you are actively in a crisis and need Immediate help, reach out, crisis resources are available to help. Then a really great story about how Musical Collaborations are taking place and proving Music is the great bridge of healing our world..

Find a health care provider or treatment for substance use disorder and mental health


Behind the making of Save Our World

Save Our World, A Prayer became Lyrics, Lyrics became the Song Sun round our World. The song was written by Helal Chaudry as a sort of prayer to heal the world in these troubling times. People suffering from Covid-19 Global Pandemic from Food Issues, Business, Employment and financial Challenges. Health and Human Safety Issues from Family Care, Education, Isolation, Mental and Physical Health. The issues are overwhelming and the sense of isolation, suffocating.

It all started with a conversation across 5,042 miles from San Jose, California, USA, to Dhaka Bangladesh between two brothers, Helal Chaudry and S I Shumon. How are you , how are things. They both expressed the overwhelming challenges in our world today due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. They wanted to help people and make a diffence. They wanted to inspire and uplift others, with a fresh and meaningful message for ALL who are impacted today. Music is a message for our times, a time of relief, a time of connection one to another, and suddenly the situation is not so bad.

Helal went to work on the Song. Shumon went to work assembling a community minded group of musicians with a heart for our times, and willing to contribute to the musical collaboration. The main intention is to create a positive solution and message for our times. Easier said than done, but we are never give a dream, with out the equal capability of making it happen.

Helal and Shumon were talking about the overall challenges, and heart felt desire to make a difference and overcome this a feeling of hopelessness. Helal structure themes around curret evebts Bigger than Bangladesh this is a world event. No food no care no help. We can create music to ease the situation.

How to approach writing the song? Helal had the first challenge. It is not easy to just sit down and write a song. The words needed to reflect the reality, but be flow and be scorable as music. How to capture the thoughts of their intentions, and produce something with meaningful intent that uplifted others who are suffering. It started, as most meaningful things do, with reaching out in prayer to guide the words to take the action to write the song.

A song taking form as the lyrics flew from San Jose, California USA, to Dhaka Bangladesh. The prayer that became lyrics, the lyrics took form as Shuman partnered with Helal and Romel Ali to complete the Song.

Entertainment that began with positive intention. The Song has wings and has begun its flight: 5 Countries world wide, over 7 Cities across our world. SI Shumon assembled a team with a Harmonica, several piano/keyboard artists, and 4 countries covering Guitar. Vocals were diversely available, and adding personality and solid foundation to the prayer that became a song sung round the world. Sponsors were identified worldwide to assist in the music and video production efforts.

All artists who participated in the making of this song and video, donated their tie to raise their voices to support and encourage the people who need help. Video Production time and expenses were covered by sponsors.



Save Our World | Torsten | Chandan | Masha | S I Shumon | Romel Ali | Aly Sumon | | Mamnur | Lumin |


The Song Sung Round The World: Boundless Creation. A song to raise our spirits, and Save Our World

This is an example of Boundless Creation in times of this Covid-19 Global Pandemic, music for our times heals, creates, and connects us, one to another.

In this pandemic time we all are passing difficult time. Look around and see people really having hard time of their life. Now it’s the time to be with them whatever we can. We, few musicians gathered together and try our best to do something. Please stay home, stay safe and help each other to “SAVE OUR WORLD “.

S.I Shumon Singer/ Musician/Song Writer/Composer/Chief Audio Engineer

Writing the perfect song:

Lyrics: Helal Chaudhury wrote this song and collaborated with S I Shumon on the tune and video as a prayer to God for our planet’s healing. The words are significant and commemorative song of our times. That it was recorded and performed round the world- beautiful message, beautiful sentiment, forever in the song sung round the world, makes it more significant.

May this song come to uplift all who enjoy it.

Music Composition:

Tune and composition : S I Shumon


  • London- Uxbridge
    • Tarzian from Uxbridge London Vocals
  • Bangladesh
    • Aly Sumon, Guitar, Vocals
    • Masha Islam, Vocals
    • Mikail Mahrus
    • Pinky Susmita Ghagra. Vocals
    • Romel Ali , Piano Arrangement .Vocals
    • Shahnur Rahman Lumin Vocals
    • S I Shumon- Music Arrangement, Guitar, Vocals , Music Editing and Production, Video Production
  • USA
    • CA- San Jose
      • Jnoemi vocals
      • Mamnur Rahman Sumon vocals
      • Tayseer
      • Helal Chaudry lyrics, song arrangement and video production
    • OR- Salem. Steve Cooper played harmonica. Steve service in USAID in Bangladesh and is retired US Army.
    • TX- Dallas. Sohana Mansur, Vocals
  • Sweden- Stockholm
    • Torsten Vikström Guitar, Vocals
  • Canada- Toronto
    • Chandan Zaman Ali Guitar, Vocals
Music Production, editing and video production were sponsored by:

Sponsors allows the teams to underwrite the studio time to mix the song, and voices, and music across the world into one beautiful song.


The Save Our World song, now written into a fine video and production is a celebrated win. Proof that social distancing can still produce meaningful inspiration when people put their minds, power and voices together. How can musical performance and collaborations like this be used to make a difference world wide in the prayer, the message the inspiration, and now starting to have donations that feed the needy in the regions for which artists are represented?

For the artists who responded to the initial call to produce a song of great meaning for the Covid-19 Pandemic, could the next step be to extend the song and its prayer in local performance, and adding more artists to other regions. Now written, and performed, what other good music and good will collaborations can we create to ease suffering through raising our voice in song, in prayer, and in action that makes a difference?


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