Top 50 Most Impactful Connections on LinkedIn, and Why they made my list

Ahmad Imam asked a great question: What are the Top 50 most Impactful contacts from your LinkedIn Connections

Common Attributes of Most Impactful on LinkedIn

I have been honored to be so connected to amazing people. Ahmad Imam is one of those people who inspires by sharing empowering thoughts, and asking meaningful questions that make you think. This is what inspired this list of how I defined what are my Top 50 most impactful LinkedIn Connections. What were the commonalities of those I find most impactful on LinkedIn. Bear I mind there are many excellent thought leaders that make up my power think tank of professional leadership. But this is about LinkedIn.

We are all connected one to the other, and it is this connection that matters most. The following are the common traits I see in people I feel are most impactful on LinkedIn:

  • Communicate content of interest to inform, educate, entertain or inspire
  • Collaborate and Participate with others, sharing ideas, celebrating success in their network
  • Innovate, sharing ideas or information that inspires others by their action
  • Engaged in and connected exchange of value interest and time

A few years back I had a Talk Radio Show Called Connected, where I introduced you to some of these people in my top 50 list already. I love the communities of best practice, and feel we are best when we are both a student and a teach of great ideas and business innovation. So with no further ado, here is my list.

Dawn C Simmons Top 50 Most Impactful People of Linked In

  1. Muhammad Yunus
  2. Barack Obama
  3. Ahmad Imam
  4. Guy Kawasaki
  5. Tim Ferriss
  6. Arianna Huffington
  7. Richard Branson
  8. Joe Vitale
  9. Rayanne Thorn Krueger
  10. Jason Roos
  11. Raj Chock
  12. Rinki Sethi
  13. Liz Ryan
  14. Ann Johnson
  15. Monalisa Chati
  16. Andy Dooley
  17. Scott McNealy
  18. Jeffrey Tang
  19. Wouter van Heddeghem
  20. Karen Swim
  21. Kristen Fife
  22. Brigette Hyacinth
  23. David Brennan
  24. David Ratcliffe
  25. Alex Yupaqui
  26. Muddu Sudhakar
  27. James Arthur Ray
  28. Alison Doyle
  29. Bill Vass
  30. Charles Aunger
  31. Mari Smith
  32. Robin Ryan
  33. Leslie K Lambert
  34. Lucas Moody
  35. Bob Worrall
  36. Gary Case
  37. Stephen Carn
  38. William Tincup
  39. Chris Bedi
  40. Terri Oropeza
  41. Debu Chatterjee
  42. Terry Bean
  43. Hillary Hernandez
  44. Denise Michaels
  45. Marilyn Jenett
  46. Karen Yuen
  47. Bill Vick
  48. Judy Schnurr
  49. Robin Whitman
  50. Kirk Weisler

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